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Utilities Assistance (Gas, Electricity)

Utility Assistance for Relocation

This program comprises getting utilities such as gas, electricity, phone, internet, cable TV, water connected. A foreigner, who has recently arrived into the country, may have difficulty in organisation of the utilities, whereas our consultants organize the entire process of utilizing these services with regard to your demands.

We inform you about relevant institutions and procedure, besides providing these services and preparing the necessary documents with regard to your needs and requests. As a consequence you are provided with a connection and subscription service in the quickest way. Installation of network systems is also part of our organization.

The whole process is under control of our professional team for your safety and convenience. Our utility assistance service functions as follows:

– Informing about the general utility system in Turkey
– Determining your demands and requirements
– Preparing the necessary documents, making the necessary applications and contracts
– Carrying out the connections and installations
– Making control and maintenance of utility system