Work Permit Consultancy

Foreign citizens who reşide outside Turkey are required to apply to the relevant Turkish Consulate of his/her country of residence/citizenship.

Residence Permit

All foreigners, who would like to live and/or work in Turkey, have to get a residence permit.

HR Department Assistance

The term outsourcing describes the transfer of specific business functions to an external supplier, that is to say, companies specialized in providing them.

Establishing a New Company

Regulatory environment of Turkey is considerably business-friendly. One may set up a business in Turkey without considering nationality or place of residence.

Turkish Language & Culture Studies

The aim of Turkish language and culture studies is increasing the communication skills and accelerating the adaptation process of the expats.

Pre-Arrival Contact & Orientation

After we have received a request concerning our services from an expat, we contact him so as to make a pre-interview in no time.


The expats or families/individuals to reside temporarily or permanently in Turkey contact us directly or through the human resources departments of their international firms.

The legal, logistics and personal needs of expats in relocation process are transmitted to our company through HR departments. Our highly experienced and multilingual staff meets your requirements in a quick and reliable way through legal means, making sure that you don’t suffer the difficulties of being in a foreign country.


    9ekim Group - Relocation & Foreign Personnel Consultancy.



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