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School / Nursery Search & Registration

School – Nursery Search & Registration Service

Education is a major concern for the families in relocation process. As a very complex and important issue, education programs must be organized in accordance with your individual requirements. Along with professional educators, we analyse your needs and requests thoroughly and accordingly determine the best school options. The entire process is carried out by our professional team with the participation of the parents, children and educators. We also consider the principal options such as the schools which give education in the native language of the family, prestigious institutions, special curriculum requirements, transport facilities and special course opportunities.

Appointments with the managers of the schools, which are determined, are organized by our professional team. Then the registration process is completed in line with the requests of the family.

Turkey is very advantageous in educational diversity, therefore meets foreigners’ individual requirements concerning education. There are many institutions teaching in foreign languages as well as foreign schools.

We also assist you if you have younger children. The best options for pre-school education such as playgroups, nursery and day care centres are presented to you. Our professional team follows the entire process closely and perform the necessary operations according to your requests.

Our service meets your special course requirements as well. Furthermore, we may arrange psychological and support programs to accelerate the adaptation process of children upon request.

Our service is generally as follows:

– Consultancy and organization of the process
– Preparing the necessary documents
– Analysing the educational needs and interests
– Making presentations about the schools and the education system in Turkey
– Ensuring the attendance of professional education specialists to the process
– Searching and determining the suitable school options together with the family
– Organizing visits to school and appointments with the school managers
– Preparing the necessary documents and forms, completing the registration and placement process
– Organizing special courses and programs
– Fulfilling the demands for pre-school education, carrying out the process
– Providing psychological and social support programs for the orientation of the children