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Pre-Arrival Contact & Orientation

The Beginning of the Relocation Process

After we have received a request concerning our services from an expat, we contact him so as to make a pre-interview in no time.

The pre-arrival contact with the transferee provides an opportunity to direct into right direction the whole relocation process, which will be shaped in light of the expat’s priorities and requirements.

The pre-arrival contact is of great importance in terms of a smooth relocation process, which is to be shaped completely in line with the priorities and requirements of our customer.

By making contact with our customer before his/her arrival, we determine all needs and requests at first hand and keep our customer well informed about every step of the process, therefore get an opportunity to develop a more efficient orientation content. 9ekim’s experts provide a complete preview of what to expect throughout the relocation process. We also provide information about legal procedures, cultural structure, and suitable options for residence and make a questionnaire so as to determine the priorities concerning the process and criteria for home search.

Pre-arrival relocation services generally comprise following steps:

• Pre-interview
• Presenting the relocation process and services details
• Analysis of expectations, interests, needs and wants
• Sharing a lot of information about the host location
• Informing about housing, legislation, education etc.
• Establishing a base for post-arrival orientation