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Practical Aspects of Life Service

Service for Practical Aspects of Life

We assist the foreigners in Turkey in every step of their new life through our comprehensive programs. Our Information on City and Environment service creates an opportunity for you to be acquainted with the daily life practices in Turkey. A new life in a foreign country is full of unknowns. Besides completing the legal procedures and finding a new home, foreigners need to be supported in terms of living practices. It is very important for a successful relocation process. For this reason our service for practical aspects of life offers a dynamic program to make your life easier.

Basic information about daily life is provided with an active program in one to one relationship in this program. Our professional team shows the family around and introduce the transportation alternatives, local shopping centres and shops, various local authorities, parks, health centres, police stations and social activity centres, clubs or association for foreigners, sports centres to them. They also inform you about city life on a wider scale including administrative centres, theatres, libraries, culture and art centres, emergency services etc. Should you require, the program may also include opportunities intended for children or youth. Our consultants will accompany you in every step of the way in order to introduce these centres or places and explain how to make use of them.

In general, our service for practical aspects of life introduces the expats following:

-Transportation system
-Administrative centres and authorities
-Health centres
-Social and cultural centres; parks, theatres, exhibition and cinema halls, libraries etc.
-Shopping centres
-Expatriate support groups, clubs and associations
-Nearest post offices, banks and various services along with their way of using