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Driving License Procedures

How to use your driving licence in Turkey?

• Changing foreign driving licences in Turkey:

Foreign residents are allowed to drive in Turkey with their own driving licence. It is not required that foreign residents have an international licence, although foreign residents must provide a notary certified translation of their license together with the original licence.

• Changing of Foreign Driving Licences into Driving Licences of Turkey…

Foreign residents who also want to obtain a Turkish driving licence need to apply to the traffic section of the provincial security directorates. The applicants are not required to pass a test, however there are certain necessary documents to submit: To obtain a driving licence in Turkey, applicants must turn 18 for a car or minibus, 17 for a motorcycle and 22 for a bus or truck.

Necessary documents are listed below:

1. The original and the copy of the identity card (residence permit for foreigners)
2. File taken from Drivers Association
3. The translation of the driving licence certified by the notary or the embassy
4. 2 passport photos
5. The original of the foreign driving licence (This document shall be returned upon completing process)
6. Health report (From state hospitals or private health organisations)
7. Police record
8. Blood group card
9. Fee receipt from the Ministry of Finance (To be paid according to the driving licence class)
10. Driving licence fee

• Application procedures for a Turkish Driving Licence:

Foreign residents may get a new driving licence to enable them to drive in Turkey. In such a case, it is necessary to register an authorised Driving Course and pass the relevant exam in order to complete it. Then, required documents must be prepared to submit to the officers at the Transport Registrar (Trafik Tescil Mudurlugu) at the local police headquarters.

Necessary documents are listed below:

1. The original and the copy of the identity card
2. The original of the certificate
3. The copies of the documents acquired from the driving course
4. The original of the diploma
5. File from Drivers Association (The documents in the file will be filled in accordance with the information on the identity card)
6. 2 passport photos
7. Blood group card
8. Fee receipt from the Ministry of Finance (According to the driving license class)