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Turkish Language & Culture Studies

Turkish Language and Culture Studies

The aim of Turkish language and culture studies is increasing the communication skills and accelerating the adaptation process of the expats. It is sure to have a positive impact in your daily life to learn the language spoken in your new country. Expats find the opportunity of getting to know their new environment through cultural studies. The number of the customers, who are willing to take part in cultural activities as well as language courses, is increasing day by day.

Our company organises and offers responsive intercultural and language training programs based on a professional analysis of your individual requirements for culture and language training. Apart from being considerably useful for your daily needs, these courses and studies also make relocation process more effective.

We organize flexible and competent programs concerning your requirements for Turkish language and culture studies after or before your arrival with regard to your demands and requests. Our experts determine the best options for language courses and culture studies and complete registration procedures. The content of the program is possible to be changed according to age group (adults/children) and number of participants (individual/group).

It provides an overview of Turkish cultural values and attitudes as well as information on shopping, local services, etc. It is designed to introduce all cultural habits of Turks to avoid misunderstanding due to cultural differences and ultimately to create cultural awareness so that transferees communicate and perform more effectively. Trainings can be done in classrooms through any combination or in one-on-one sessions. This is presented by field professionals.

This can be arranged both for the transferee and for the other family members. Bedel identifies reputable language courses or private tutors that we have past experiences with and will introduce them to the family.

The Benefits of Intercultural and Language Training:

– Attending professionally organized courses
– Accelerating and supporting the adaptation and settlement process
– Organization of programs suitable for work and social options
– Presentation of options in line with individual needs of foreigners