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Post-Arrival Orientation & City Tours

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Post-arrival orientation is a comprehensive process, during which suitable options for various requirements are determined with regard to the outcome of pre-arrival orientation. We make presentations and observations about prominent issues in daily life. The orientation program also comprises a presentation, in which the stories and messages of the expats about their real life experiences are shared, in order to introduce Turkey from the point of view of a foreigner. Observation process starts with a city tour accompanied by our relocation experts.

City tours create an opportunity for the expats to make direct contact with their new city. Every aspect of the relocation process is explained through not only theoretical information but also practical examples. Our professional team accompany our customers in every step of the way. The whole process is under the control of our experts; however developed in accordance with the requests and needs of our customer. Our experts create the atmosphere necessary for foreigners to observe daily life practices in Turkey.

This is to ease the assignee and their family into the everyday life after they move into their new home and to assist with hooking up utilities, bank accounts, insurance and security set up, assist with shopping for furniture and electrical, home office set up and helping domestic staff and drivers.

Our post-arrival orientation service generally include following practices:

• Welcome at the airport
• A lovely orientation city tour
• Visit to popular trade centres
• Visit to popular restaurants
• Orientation in a meeting hall