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Legal / Bank / Insurance Assistance

Bank and Insurance Services and Legal Assistance

One of the prominent issues which worry the foreigners is the complex legal procedures. We are well aware of the fact that it is.

We are aware of the fact that it is very important for expats to be provided with solutions as fast as possible. In brief, our services concerning legal procedures are obtaining work and residence permit, registrations in the presence of notary or any other competent authority, exchanging or obtaining a driving licence, completing the bank and insurance transactions. Our professional team analyses your requirements, followed by preparing the necessary documents, making the applications for work and residence permit, driving licence and other registrations. We follow the whole process closely. We also give you full support for bank transactions such as account opening, credit card, money transfer and credit opportunities.

Our program also includes insurance services. Our customers may have insurance provided by their country but may require alternative options. In such a case, our company gives you full support for insurance services.

The general content of bank and insurance services and legal assistance is listed below:

Assistance for legal procedures:

– Consultancy and organizing the operation concerning the process

– Preparing the necessary documents

– Making applications for work and residence permit

– Acquiring or exchanging driving license

Bank services:

– Account opening transactions

– Credit card transactions

– Credit options and money transfer

– Other financial activities

Insurance services:

– Carrying out various insurance transactions such as home insurance and health insurance

– Preparing the necessary documents

– Organizing the process for special requests if required

– Carrying out the transactions for precious materials such as art works and jewelleries