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Home Search Service for Expats

One of the essential parts of the entire relocation process is home searching for expats who come to a foreign country with working purposes. It is of great importance to find a home that meets your requirements in terms of a good start. Finding a suitable home is essential to make a good start in a new country. In order to make your relocation process a success, you need the assistance of professionals who know about local real estate market and determine your requests and needs correctly. Home search as the one of main services of relocation process includes determining needs and priorities of the customer, identifying preferable options for residential areas and houses, assisting expats about contract negotiations, security, possible tax and hire purchase. Beside this general description, the content of the process is determined directly in line with the demands and requests of the customer.

You will be accompanied by our professional team throughout the whole process. Our experts are ready to offer you the best options to meet all your requirements concerning location, facilities and amenities. Keeping in mind that each relocation process presents individual requirements, we organized our house hunting program generally as follows:


– Surveying and assessing your moving requirements
– Giving information about the local real estate market
– Determining and presenting options that meet the preferences of the customer
– Arranging house-hunting tour

On-site Home Search:

– Visiting all the areas and houses that meet the requirements
– Negotiating the rental contract and preparing the necessary documents
– Translating the rental documents if required

During moving:

– Making all the necessary arrangements for the utilities to be connected (gas, water, electricity, telephone, television, Internet)
– Delivery and unpacking at your new destination