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Departure Services

We will accompany you when you are leaving Turkey for a smooth and lovely send-off. Leaving a country is a very complex and tiresome process. But no worries, we give you support to complete your departure process with no problems. First of all, our consultants analyse departure process in accordance with your requests. Departure operations are started after the preparation of the necessary documents.

We make all the necessary notifications to the competent authorities. Contracts and subscriptions such as lease contract, utility subscriptions, bank accounts, insurance policies and memberships are cancelled or closed in accordance with your requests. Our consultants carry out the school transactions of your children, as well. Following the completion of all procedures, our departure service assists you for the transportation of your goods. Moreover, we book your flight within this program. Our professionals follow the entire process very closely and prevent the possible problems beforehand.

In general, our departure service program comprises the following:

– Analysing the departure process
– Preparing the relevant documents
– Cancelling contracts and subscriptions
– Making the cancellations of bank accounts and insurance policies
– Making the necessary notifications to the competent authorities
– Completing the school transactions
– Organizing the transportation of the household goods
– Booking your flight
– Sending-off at the airport