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Continuous Consultancy & Support Service

Continuous Consultancy & Support Service

We believe that relocation process cannot be limited to a certain routine. It is a friendly assistance process, which will last throughout your life in Turkey, to be organized in accordance with your needs and requests. In our Continuous Consultancy & Support Service is we aim to form a permanent communication with our customers.

To start a new life in a foreign country brings along certain difficulties. In addition, you may face with new problems within the dynamism of life. Our program is designed to remove all these worries and to ensure you a smooth life. Under this program, we offer competent solutions for emergency situations, special requests, various service procurements or repair works. We also give full support to our clients to meet the possible requests that may arise from new requirements throughout the process.

Our 24/7 telephone helpline is available to answer your various questions concerning your needs and requests, and then provide you necessary information to guide you to possible solutions. Our professionals will go into action to resolve your problems in the quickest way when required.

We are well aware of the importance of countinuous communication and support for a successful relocation process. We are always ready to help you in every step of your life. The list can be expanded in accordance with your needs, however our continuous consultancy and support program offers following services in general:

*Continuous communication and consultancy
*24/7 telephone helpline
*Informing service
*Services for emergency situations
*Assisting to fulfil new requirements